Meet my lovely Family!

Hello guest!

My name is Felipe and I am your host. My wife, Julie, is an interior designer who left a corporate job to raise our three beautiful (and crazy) children.

She has since found her passion again by designing and constructing short term rentals. All of our houses are designed with a goal in mind: to offer a place where fiends, family, and loved ones can gather and make memories together.

The number one constant you will see in our homes are a cozy living room where loved ones can gather to enjoy one another. As parents, we also know the importance of a calm and relaxing space to unwind.

Therefore, we prioritize bedrooms with the highest quality of linens, pillows and mattress. The views, amenities and the locations of our properties are just the icing on the cake!

Interior Design

Our properties have so much history in them. We take run down properties and transform them specifically for our guests in mind. Julie, our very own in house interior designer, takes care of elevating these spaces and making them the ultimate relaxing getaway. If you like her designs, book a FREE consultation.


Serving Property Owners to Maximize their investments. Our mission is twofold: to optimize profits for owners while crating memorable stays for guest.